Here We Go

I’ve been rambling. Writing snippets that I haven’t posted because…they don’t seem complete or they don’t seem right or they just don’t make sense. They’re just not what I’m trying to say. But what am I trying to say? Am I looking for perfection? Maybe it’s none of those reasons. Maybe it’s fear that it’s not good enough or too personal or maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing.

I have several things in the works. Side hustles as most call them these days. Realizing that my day job might disappear, I took up crypto mining, video posting, woodworking, blogging, photography, consulting and life coaching. Sure they all seem like great ideas, I know a little about each of them and they work out for many people. However, my approach trying to do them all at once is just not working.

I’m realizing that I need a plan. A real plan, written and shared with others that support me. Currently, the plan is in my head and nobody really knows what it is because I don’t really know either. How can I? There are to many things competing for my attention and I can’t do any of them very well without a more focused approach. Multitasking does not work here.

I also have real life to deal with. A pandemic. A senior dog needing extra care. A young dog that needs attention. A wife that needs my love and support. A house that needs to be sold. A floor that needs fixed. The list goes on and I’m sure that everyone has a similar story.

So where do I start? Here. Right here. I shall write and post my thoughts here. They don’t need to be perfect, they just need to be here. It’s a sort of therapy and accountability for myself. I wanted to start this blog as a means for others to learn and gain encouragement from my mistakes, setbacks, perseverance and triumphs. Welcome to my first post. Here we go!

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