Enter 2022

We are nearly 2 months into the New Year and February will be coming to a close soon. We are all still wondering, anxiously, “What will this year bring?”

The last two years have been different for the entire world. Why should we expect this year to be any different? Maybe there’s no going back to normal because this is our normal now. If that’s the case then can we expect another COVID variant to hit, another stock market crash or some other disaster? That seems to be the precedent set by the 20’s so far.

But not everything in the 20’s is so bad. We can have anything delivered. We can work remotely with our family and pets at our sides. We have sent civilians to the edge of space. We even brought Keanu Reeves back to Bill & Ted and resurrected the Matrix!

2022 is just getting started and it doesn’t have to be miserable. We just need to remember that with all the bad comes a lot of good. There is a balance and one can’t exist without the other.

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